Vortex International Metal Industry

According to international best practice and in line with local regulations and requirements we are developing tailormade recycling solutions for our business partners. Our technical solutions are following the principles of win-win solutions for both the secondary product generator and the off-taking industries.

Together with our partners we are paving the way towards a circular economy within the United Arab Emirates. VIMI offers a variety of mechanical treatments and as part of the Viqa Investment Group, VIMI has access to complementary treatment services, ensuring our Zero Waste Policy.


  • De-metallization – Heavy Duty Magnets and Eddy Current Separation Plants to de-metalize the inbound mixed secondary materials from valuable metals and process the segregated material into new final products.
  • Recycling Plant – Recycling secondary products using the right recycling machines to shred, crush, separate, and reengineer the materials to make renewed and reusable final products.
  • Segregation – Screening and separating of secondary materials, sorting valuables and reusable materials.
  • Renewed and Reusable Product Creation – talk about circular economy
  • Sales of Final Products – Sales of renewed and reusable materials and final products back to the local markets and local industries of the United Arab Emirates.

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